Five Favourite American Foods Of All Time

When we think of the term ‘comfort food’, it is surprising to note how many of these come from America’s cuisine of which some classic food items have influenced palates all over the world. Right from grabbing a cheeseburger to eating a stack of cookies to chase away the stress, they all have their base in America and are among some of everyone’s most beloved food. In this article we have listed out five of the world’s most favourite American food of all times.

They are the staple addition to every big American breakfast and enjoyed by people all around the world. Surprisingly they originated as a way for farmers to make the most use of their livestock. These juicy sausages were originally consumed along with dried sage and an assortment of spices. Today they are the most low effort meal possible and go well with everything from bread, apples, mash or eaten just the way they are.

There is nothing quite as pleasing as the smell of freshly baked cookies enveloping the whole house. They are perhaps the most popular snack or dessert in the world and have over hundreds of recipes to cook them today. They originated however, from the kitchen of Ruth Wakefield who had the brilliant idea of adding chocolate to her butter cookies. It is an understatement to say the idea took off, what with these cookies being baked and enjoyed today by people all over the globe.

Gooey, messy and absolutely delicious, s’mores are the perfect accompaniment to any camping trip. They include marshmallow and a slice of chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers and further roasted to perfection. It is when the marshmallow and chocolate starts melting and dripping that you know they are done.

Pancakes and bacon is perhaps one of the most popular American breakfast options and is a perfect blend of both sweet and savoury. There are both regular and butter milk pancakes that are cooked until their soft and fluffy. There are then topped with maple syrup, honey or chocolate sauce and is often accompanied by some fresh fruit. Coupled with crispy bacon strips, it makes for a mighty fine breakfast.

Cheesy and heavenly, Mac and Cheese tops the list of American comfort food. Introduced by Thomas Jefferson to the United States, the dish involves macaroni and an assortment of cheeses cooked together in a casserole until it is sticky, creamy and downright delicious. Everyone has their own version of this classic dish that is enjoyed by people of all ages and in all parts of the world.