Chicken Tikka

Most Popular Indian Dishes

India is one of the most diverse countries in the world. The amount of diversity in the culture, language and especially food is astounding. This means that it can get very overwhelming for someone looking to try Indian food for the first time. This article is to help identify the most popular of the Indian dishes that people love to eat. This is not necessarily the best dishes that India has got under its belt but the most popular choices are never bad choices.

  1. Butter Chicken

One of the staples of North Indian Non-Veg cuisine, it has gotten to be one of the most popular dishes in both India and in other countries. So it is pretty easy to track down as there will be many restaurants that offer it. One of the reasons this is very popular outside India is the fact that it can be tweaked to be as hot or mild as needed. Indian cuisine is notoriously spicy to those not used to it. So mild version will be more appealing to those who don’t want any of the spice and all of the taste. Traditionally, it is eaten with naan (an Indian flatbread) and maybe a green salad. This is a must try for anyone who wants to try Indian food.


  1. Palak Paneer

Given India’s diversity and culture, it is no surprise that there is a huge majority of people who are primarily vegetarian. This accounts for some extremely delicious vegetarian dishes and Palak Paneer is no exception. It is also touted as one of the healthiest dishes in Indian cuisine. It is primarily made out of spinach and cottage cheese but those not interested in cottage cheese can switch it to cauliflower or potatoes and it will still be delicious!


  1. Tandoori Chicken

One of the favourites dishes of Indian non-vegetarians and people from around the world. It is a relatively easy dish to make so most restaurants will have it on their menus. The most difficult part of the dish is the masala which actually isn’t that difficult to expect to find it in almost every Indian restaurant.  But don’t be fooled by the simplicity in its preparations, the taste is the real deal. You can pair it with rice or naan or have it on its own. Whichever way you decide to try, it will leave you with a happy tummy and a smile on your face.


  1. Rogan Josh

Many people shy away from rogan josh because of its intimidating colour due to the Kashmiri chillies that go into it. Anyone who is daring enough to try will tell you looks can be deceiving as it isn’t as spicy as expected. This is because the Kashmiri chillies are very spicy. It also helps that the dish has yoghurt in it which again cuts the spiciness down. This lamb curry is delicious and everyone should give it a shot.

  1. Tikka Masala

Tikka Masala is a very diverse curry that can be made vegetarian with paneer or non-vegetarian with meat. The curry gets its name from the cubes of paneer or chicken that it has in it as tikka translates to pieces in most dialects. It is typically eaten with naan or you can order it with rice. A well-made Tikka Masala will have a smoky flavour to it from the grilling of the meat or paneer.