The most consumed beverages around the world

Everyone needs to stay hydrated to stay healthy and alive but people drink different types of beverages depending on a lot of factors like weather, occasion etc. Here are the most consumed beverages around the world.

  1. Water

Water is an essential part of life and everyone needs water to stay healthy and hydrated. People have come up with different ways to treat water so everyone can get access to this essential resource. Water is also the main ingredient in almost all beverages made today.


  1. Tea

Tea is made from boiling water poured over tea leaves. Tea is extremely popular in Asia but it is enjoyed around the world. The popularity is partly due to the plethora of health benefits tea is said to have. It is typically served as a hot beverage though it is also enjoyed cold.


  1. Coffee

Coffee is one of the most addictive beverages in the world. Many people drink multiple cups of coffee a day. This is partly due to how easy it is to find coffee as more than 70 countries produce coffee. It has also become quite versatile as it can be enjoyed both hot and cold.


  1. Orange Juice

Orange Juice is the most popular fruit juice in the world. Orange juice that is made from concentrate is what most people drink but there are people who prefer to squeeze their own juice. Orange Juice is both delicious and high in vitamin C.


  1. Beer

Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world. It can be enjoyed on almost any occasion and has been around since prehistoric times. There are different kinds of beer around the world depending on where it was brewed. Some fantastic German beers can be found in smaller towns. Texas has a long history of German settlers coming to the state and setting up towns. One of these towns is Kerrville, Texas. Located in the Texas Hill Country region, you can find some great German beer in the area as well as in Boerne.


  1. Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks are also pretty addictive due to the presence of caffeine in them. Also, the fact that they can literally be found everywhere has only added to its popularity. They are almost always made with carbonated water, artificial flavours and sweeteners like sugar or high fructose corn syrup.


  1. Wine

Wine is another alcoholic beverage that is very popular and is enjoyed on many occasions. They are typically made with grapes but can be made from other fruits also. Wines come in different types from red wines, white wines to non-alcoholic wines. Old aged wines can cost thousands of dollars but fortunately, most wines are very affordable.


  1. Vodka

Vodka is the most popular white spirit in the world. It is popular around the world, especially in Eastern Europe. Vodka is highly versatile as it can be enjoyed straight or mixed with other beverages. It also is available in a slew of different flavours ranging from fruity flavours to candy flavours.