World’s best cocktails

Cocktails are the world’s favorite accompaniment to a fancy dinner or fun night out. Today there are some cocktails that have made it to the list of classic favorites that are enjoyed around the globe and we have listed these out for you.

The martini is perhaps the most popular of all fancy cocktails and is renowned worldwide. A Traditional martini comprises of gin and dry vermouth. It is usually accompanied with olives, bitters or a lemon garnish. It is quite a simple drink and is yet significant to any cocktail journey.

What gin is to a martini, whiskey is to a Manhattan. However a Manhattan is a little more complicated simply because whiskey itself is complicated. There are different types of whiskey and many have had a moment in the spotlight when it came to a Manhattan. For long the rye whiskey was used which was followed by Canadian whiskey and then bourbon for many years. Today, the rye is reemerging to bring back the traditional taste.

The Old fashioned is another such popular cocktail that is both simple and can be experienced with many different whiskeys. It introduces you to the concept of muddling and is more about the process at hand than just the ingredients used. It is easy to have fun with an old fashioned for the fruits and sprits used is open to adaptation and creativity.

This classic drink has been enjoyed by rum lovers since time immemorial and is very easy to make. Just grab a muffler and mix up your rum, vodka, mint, lime etc to create a refreshing drink fit for all occasions and especially summers.

A traditional margarita is made up of triple sec, tequila and lime juice but today, comes in a wide arrey of different flavors and colors. The drink is known all over the world and have made to all the best cocktail lists.

Initially introduced as a medicinal drink, a Daiquiri is now popular all over the world and is the best way to test out some new rum. It was introduced in Cuba and today has many different variations and dedicated fans like Ernest Hemingway. Q

No matter which cocktail you go for, you can’t go wrong. These tried and tested drinks will leave a smile on your face and keep the party going.