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We wanted to make a difference in how people look at food. We wanted to make food as the epicentre for constructive growth. But there wasn’t a platform like that; so we decided to build one ourselves. We believe that the first step to change is to admit that there is a problem, but that conversation can get quickly toxic. To ensure that free and open conversation persists, we decided to get food involved as the buffer.




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History of Restaurants in the USA


One of the most common places to meet with friends and family in the United States is at a restaurant. Couples on their first date will be seen frequently on Friday and Saturday nights, family members celebrating birthdays or other happy milestones can be heard laughing across the room, and the weary traveler can always sit down in a booth at a restaurant and be served a warm, home cooked meal if they choose. It’s hard to imagine our lives without restaurants, even if you’re the type who loves to cook, because after a while, everyone wants to be served something delicious sometimes. It wasn’t always easy to find a restaurant in this country—especially one with a nice atmosphere and indoor air quality—but like most of our early forays into new technologies, the idea came from the French.

French Founders

During the 18th century, restaurants in France became the preferred establishment of the high class, with the name restaurant coming from the idea that the food was “restoring” their health. Before then only inns and taverns would serve food, and mostly it was a plate of whatever they had, like it or not. Restaurants changed all that, and now patrons could choose what they wanted to eat and pay only for that dish, instead of any other dishes that were available on a buffet of sorts.

By 1827 the first restaurant in America was opened in New York City by the Delmonico brothers, and it quickly became a fine dining establishment that many tried to copy. Their success came from Americans who wanted to be a part of all of the new fashions coming from France, so they dubbed their dining hall a “restaurant francais.” Restaurants began popping up everywhere after that, as entrepreneurs tried to cash in on the newest trend.

Travel Changes Food

As folks traveled extensively throughout the country during the 19th century, more and more restaurants opened up at train stops and areas where people were beginning to settle in large numbers. Restaurants were becoming a regular part of any town or city, and patrons could find a mix of upper class and more casual dining experiences. By the 1950s fast food restaurants made their way on the scene, which again capitalized on the needs of travelers. While a drive-thru restaurant was still a fairly foreign concept, many people still visited fast food restaurants for their quick service and quality foods. The 1980s brought new dining experiences to families, where they could take every member and everyone could find something good to eat, for a fair price.

Many of these restaurants offered special kids menus, with dishes ranging from cheaper sandwiches and salads, to more expensive steaks. These days patrons with any diet can find a restaurant that fits their needs, and their budget. Establishments serving foods from all over the world are readily accessible, so experiencing another culture is simple, and exciting. Restaurants now are under more pressure to serve higher quality foods, with an emphasis on healthy or organic dishes.

Though we may have taken the idea from the French, Americans have made restaurants all their own, and what started as a high class trend, has quickly transformed into a commonplace establishment where everyone is welcome.

How to Cook Thai Food

how to cook thai food

To Westerners, cooking Thai food can seem a bit intimidating at first. Whereas some cuisines focus on making things simple and sticking to the basics, Thai cuisine goes the opposite way: every Thai chef will delight in making any given dish as complex and multi-faceted as possible while keeping it pleasant to the palate.

Because of this, first attempts at cooking Thai food can end in disaster. Aspiring cooks will often add too many spices, too much salt, an overabundance of ingredients and so forth, resulting in dishes that are best served to the family dog. Still, if you persist and don’t get discouraged, you’ll eventually gain a new skill and will impress friends and family with your knowledge of how to make exotic dishes they’ve never seen before.

Getting through the bumpy beginnings

The first mistake most cooks new to Thai cuisine make is trying to do too much, too soon. Yes, Thai cuisine is all about many tastes bunched together in one attractive dish, but that doesn’t mean every dish has to come out looking like a piece of art.

It’s always better to make a simple rice-and-spice combo with some fish than to combine spices and ‘wilder’ types of food you’re not that familiar with. Remember: the most important part of whatever you cook will always be its edibility.
There’s also a high probability that you’ll mess up more when making Thai dishes than most others types of food. Even for Eastern food standards, Thai cuisine has an amazing amount of diversity and ingredients that are unfamiliar to Western cooks. Every time you overcook or serve something that hardly tastes like food, remember that your efforts will pay off in the end.

The visual aspect is still important

No Thai chef is going to make a dish that doesn’t look good. In fact, a good part of being a master Thai chef is knowing how to make dishes that both look and taste good.

A good practice is to first learn how to make a dish taste well and then look to improve its appearance with each subsequent serving. Following this simple one-two will ensure that every Thai dish you make eventually ends up being a complete experience. You’ll also want to keep color in mind. Add a little greenery to make your dish look more appealing.

To help yourself out in this regard, try to limit the amount of dishes you initially prepare to only a couple. Pick out a few dishes and make a rule: only when you can make each of them tasty and visually-appealing will you expand the menu.

Keep in mind: you have everything you need

You don’t need dozens of fancy plates in various sizes to serve Thai food, nor do you need expensive and highly-specific appliances to prepare it (contrary to what commercials might have you believe).

A working stove will serve you just fine when you start, and will let you cook multiple dishes that can look as if they were made in Thailand itself. After all, the carts of street food vendors in Bangkok are probably far less equipped than your kitchen and the vendors serve food in simple plastic plates, yet you won’t hear their customers complaining.

World’s best cocktails


Cocktails are the world’s favorite accompaniment to a fancy dinner or fun night out. Today there are some cocktails that have made it to the list of classic favorites that are enjoyed around the globe and we have listed these out for you.

The martini is perhaps the most popular of all fancy cocktails and is renowned worldwide. A Traditional martini comprises of gin and dry vermouth. It is usually accompanied with olives, bitters or a lemon garnish. It is quite a simple drink and is yet significant to any cocktail journey.

What gin is to a martini, whiskey is to a Manhattan. However a Manhattan is a little more complicated simply because whiskey itself is complicated. There are different types of whiskey and many have had a moment in the spotlight when it came to a Manhattan. For long the rye whiskey was used which was followed by Canadian whiskey and then bourbon for many years. Today, the rye is reemerging to bring back the traditional taste.

The Old fashioned is another such popular cocktail that is both simple and can be experienced with many different whiskeys. It introduces you to the concept of muddling and is more about the process at hand than just the ingredients used. It is easy to have fun with an old fashioned for the fruits and sprits used is open to adaptation and creativity.

This classic drink has been enjoyed by rum lovers since time immemorial and is very easy to make. Just grab a muffler and mix up your rum, vodka, mint, lime etc to create a refreshing drink fit for all occasions and especially summers.

A traditional margarita is made up of triple sec, tequila and lime juice but today, comes in a wide arrey of different flavors and colors. The drink is known all over the world and have made to all the best cocktail lists.

Initially introduced as a medicinal drink, a Daiquiri is now popular all over the world and is the best way to test out some new rum. It was introduced in Cuba and today has many different variations and dedicated fans like Ernest Hemingway. Q

No matter which cocktail you go for, you can’t go wrong. These tried and tested drinks will leave a smile on your face and keep the party going.

The world’s most popular food items


“There is no love more sincerer than the love of food” said George Bernard Shaw and he is absolutely right. The love of food is something very much in common with people all over the globe and every country has its own unique cuisine that plays a part in this. All these cuisines further comprise of some classic dishes that have influenced palates in every corner of the world. In this article we have listed out some of these popular dishes.


The perfect go to for movie nights, popcorn is a snack that is popular and loved no matter where you are. Crunchy, light and downright delicious, popcorn is enjoyed even better when doused in oodles of butter and grabbed in fistfuls during a good movie or TV show.

India and especially South India is known for its wide variety of dosas and idlis. Crispy, thin dosas spread with ghee or butter is a go to breakfast choice and beloved by all who tastes it. Masala dosas especially is a world favourite option, with the dosa filled with yummy potato masala and dipped in spicy chutney.

While it is not known for sure whether potato chips originated in the US or UK, popular evidence points to it first emerging in the cook books of English man William Kitchiner. Whatever it may be, today they are the world’s most favourite snack of all time and have now emerged in countless varieties, which almost a hundred different brands competing with each other. They are the perfect munchies for any occasion and can never be replaced.

Thailand’s most famous and beloved salad is a generous mixture of fish sauce, peanuts, dried shrimp, garlic, chillies, tamarind, string beans, papaya etc. and served with a side of sticky rice. Today there are new varieties of the same that uses crab, fermented fish sauce etc. but they don’t match the authentic taste of the original recipe.
som tam

Delicious French fries doused in cheese sauce and gravy, Poutine is Canada’s go to comfort food that is now found in menus all over the world and enjoyed by everyone. The mixture of fried potato, creamy cheese and gravy bursting with flavour, engulfs your mouth in a delicious mix and will have you craving for more after every last bite.

The most expensive food items in the world


Food is a basic necessity of life but that doesn’t mean humans haven’t pushed the envelope of taste and luxury. There are some food items around the world that are purely consumed because of having the money to do so. These luxury items will leave definitely leave a hole in your pocket if you are going to try them.

  1. Foie Gras

Foie Gras is typically made from duck’s or gooses’ liver that has been fattened. It is said to have a smooth texture and is well acclaimed by foodies and critics. But there is a lot of controversy about artificially fattening the animal’s liver so it is not for everyone. Nevertheless, 2lbs of foie gras will fetch you around $150.

  1. White Truffles

One of the mainstay ingredients to make a dish luxurious and is one of the most expensive ingredients in the world. It is primarily found in Italy and is sold as high as 7000 euros per kg. The price tag comes from the difficulty of finding it in the forest and cannot be grown using normal methods.


  1. Vanilla

Vanilla is actually an expensive food item costing around $4000 per pound. It is that expensive because of the flower of the vanilla plant only blooms for a few hours in 12 months and does not pollinate a lot. So it is pretty hard to find vanilla in most markets.


  1. Densuke Watermelon

This is one of the rarest types of watermelons out there. The black watermelon was once sold in auction for a staggering $6100. The price comes from the rarity as it is only grown in the region of Hokkaido in Japan.


  1. Saffron

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices money can buy. It takes 3 years to produce saffron and Iran is thought to produce the finest saffron available. It is sold for thousands of dollars per kilo. Saffron is regarded as a very royal ingredient and any dish that incorporates saffron is considered to fit for kings.


  1. Oysters

Much like lobsters, oysters were once thought to be a poor man’s meal. But as time passed, there value increased. Normal oysters are still affordable by most people but their oysters that come from the Coffin Bay in Australia that is anything but normal. They are extremely limited in quantity and each oyster goes for at least $100.


  1. Wagyu Beef

Wagyu Beef is the pinnacle of beef quality. The amount of marbling and taste is unrivalled by any other type of beef available on the market. They achieve this by feeding the cows beer and sake which helps build the marbling. Since they are exclusive to Japan, the price of this beef is no joke, it will cost you around $1300 for a pound.

The most consumed beverages around the world


Everyone needs to stay hydrated to stay healthy and alive but people drink different types of beverages depending on a lot of factors like weather, occasion etc. Here are the most consumed beverages around the world.

  1. Water

Water is an essential part of life and everyone needs water to stay healthy and hydrated. People have come up with different ways to treat water so everyone can get access to this essential resource. Water is also the main ingredient in almost all beverages made today.


  1. Tea

Tea is made from boiling water poured over tea leaves. Tea is extremely popular in Asia but it is enjoyed around the world. The popularity is partly due to the plethora of health benefits tea is said to have. It is typically served as a hot beverage though it is also enjoyed cold.


  1. Coffee

Coffee is one of the most addictive beverages in the world. Many people drink multiple cups of coffee a day. This is partly due to how easy it is to find coffee as more than 70 countries produce coffee. It has also become quite versatile as it can be enjoyed both hot and cold.


  1. Orange Juice

Orange Juice is the most popular fruit juice in the world. Orange juice that is made from concentrate is what most people drink but there are people who prefer to squeeze their own juice. Orange Juice is both delicious and high in vitamin C.


  1. Beer

Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world. It can be enjoyed on almost any occasion and has been around since prehistoric times. There are different kinds of beer around the world depending on where it was brewed. Some fantastic German beers can be found in smaller towns. Texas has a long history of German settlers coming to the state and setting up towns. One of these towns is Kerrville, Texas. Located in the Texas Hill Country region, you can find some great German beer in the area as well as in Boerne.


  1. Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks are also pretty addictive due to the presence of caffeine in them. Also, the fact that they can literally be found everywhere has only added to its popularity. They are almost always made with carbonated water, artificial flavours and sweeteners like sugar or high fructose corn syrup.


  1. Wine

Wine is another alcoholic beverage that is very popular and is enjoyed on many occasions. They are typically made with grapes but can be made from other fruits also. Wines come in different types from red wines, white wines to non-alcoholic wines. Old aged wines can cost thousands of dollars but fortunately, most wines are very affordable.


  1. Vodka

Vodka is the most popular white spirit in the world. It is popular around the world, especially in Eastern Europe. Vodka is highly versatile as it can be enjoyed straight or mixed with other beverages. It also is available in a slew of different flavours ranging from fruity flavours to candy flavours.

Most Popular Indian Dishes

Chicken Tikka

India is one of the most diverse countries in the world. The amount of diversity in the culture, language and especially food is astounding. This means that it can get very overwhelming for someone looking to try Indian food for the first time. This article is to help identify the most popular of the Indian dishes that people love to eat. This is not necessarily the best dishes that India has got under its belt but the most popular choices are never bad choices.

  1. Butter Chicken

One of the staples of North Indian Non-Veg cuisine, it has gotten to be one of the most popular dishes in both India and in other countries. So it is pretty easy to track down as there will be many restaurants that offer it. One of the reasons this is very popular outside India is the fact that it can be tweaked to be as hot or mild as needed. Indian cuisine is notoriously spicy to those not used to it. So mild version will be more appealing to those who don’t want any of the spice and all of the taste. Traditionally, it is eaten with naan (an Indian flatbread) and maybe a green salad. This is a must try for anyone who wants to try Indian food.


  1. Palak Paneer

Given India’s diversity and culture, it is no surprise that there is a huge majority of people who are primarily vegetarian. This accounts for some extremely delicious vegetarian dishes and Palak Paneer is no exception. It is also touted as one of the healthiest dishes in Indian cuisine. It is primarily made out of spinach and cottage cheese but those not interested in cottage cheese can switch it to cauliflower or potatoes and it will still be delicious!


  1. Tandoori Chicken

One of the favourites dishes of Indian non-vegetarians and people from around the world. It is a relatively easy dish to make so most restaurants will have it on their menus. The most difficult part of the dish is the masala which actually isn’t that difficult to expect to find it in almost every Indian restaurant.  But don’t be fooled by the simplicity in its preparations, the taste is the real deal. You can pair it with rice or naan or have it on its own. Whichever way you decide to try, it will leave you with a happy tummy and a smile on your face.


  1. Rogan Josh

Many people shy away from rogan josh because of its intimidating colour due to the Kashmiri chillies that go into it. Anyone who is daring enough to try will tell you looks can be deceiving as it isn’t as spicy as expected. This is because the Kashmiri chillies are very spicy. It also helps that the dish has yoghurt in it which again cuts the spiciness down. This lamb curry is delicious and everyone should give it a shot.

  1. Tikka Masala

Tikka Masala is a very diverse curry that can be made vegetarian with paneer or non-vegetarian with meat. The curry gets its name from the cubes of paneer or chicken that it has in it as tikka translates to pieces in most dialects. It is typically eaten with naan or you can order it with rice. A well-made Tikka Masala will have a smoky flavour to it from the grilling of the meat or paneer.

Five Favourite American Foods Of All Time


When we think of the term ‘comfort food’, it is surprising to note how many of these come from America’s cuisine of which some classic food items have influenced palates all over the world. Right from grabbing a cheeseburger to eating a stack of cookies to chase away the stress, they all have their base in America and are among some of everyone’s most beloved food. In this article we have listed out five of the world’s most favourite American food of all times.

They are the staple addition to every big American breakfast and enjoyed by people all around the world. Surprisingly they originated as a way for farmers to make the most use of their livestock. These juicy sausages were originally consumed along with dried sage and an assortment of spices. Today they are the most low effort meal possible and go well with everything from bread, apples, mash or eaten just the way they are.

There is nothing quite as pleasing as the smell of freshly baked cookies enveloping the whole house. They are perhaps the most popular snack or dessert in the world and have over hundreds of recipes to cook them today. They originated however, from the kitchen of Ruth Wakefield who had the brilliant idea of adding chocolate to her butter cookies. It is an understatement to say the idea took off, what with these cookies being baked and enjoyed today by people all over the globe.

Gooey, messy and absolutely delicious, s’mores are the perfect accompaniment to any camping trip. They include marshmallow and a slice of chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers and further roasted to perfection. It is when the marshmallow and chocolate starts melting and dripping that you know they are done.

Pancakes and bacon is perhaps one of the most popular American breakfast options and is a perfect blend of both sweet and savoury. There are both regular and butter milk pancakes that are cooked until their soft and fluffy. There are then topped with maple syrup, honey or chocolate sauce and is often accompanied by some fresh fruit. Coupled with crispy bacon strips, it makes for a mighty fine breakfast.

Cheesy and heavenly, Mac and Cheese tops the list of American comfort food. Introduced by Thomas Jefferson to the United States, the dish involves macaroni and an assortment of cheeses cooked together in a casserole until it is sticky, creamy and downright delicious. Everyone has their own version of this classic dish that is enjoyed by people of all ages and in all parts of the world.

Five Facts About Fried Chicken

When cooked properly, fried chicken is perhaps the most lip smacking meal of all time. Crispy, juicy and downright delicious, it is on the top of everyone’s list of junk food and biting into a crisp and flavourful shell that paves way to tender, soft chicken inside is one of life’s biggest pleasures.
The dish has experienced a renaissance of sorts, what will it moving from the humble plates in shacks to the menus of restaurants all over the world. KFC is perhaps the pioneer of popular fried chicken today and is a food brand that is loved globally.
In this article we have proceeded to strip down fried chicken and educate you on some facts about your favourite junk food.


Fried chicken originated in Scotland. The Scottish are the ones who came up with the idea of deep frying chicken in fat, while everyone else boiled, baked or grilled it. They then proceeded to introduce the same in America. However, which it was Scottish immigrants who brought fried chicken to the US, it is the African immigrants that worked on plantations there that added various spices and seasonings to the recipe and improved it.

Because of the long preparation time required, the scarcity of chicken meat and need for such a large amount of fat, fried chicken was generally reserved for special occasions. Ironic considering today it falls under the category of ‘fast food’. It is however, only much later that fried chicken came to be found on restaurant menus and earned itself this reputation.

Slaves were allowed to own and raise chickens and it was common to fry them up during special occasions. However, after a lot of restaurants started to not allow blacks, it became common place to fry chicken and it became their staple diet.

Colonel Harland Sanders was adamant that his fried chicken be pan fried but was also unhappy about the method consuming too much time and hence he purchased one of the first ever pressure cookers and converted the same into a pressure fryer only to find that the resulting chicken was just as delicious as it would have been if pan fried.

While originally associated with America, Fried chicken in fact has variants all over the world. For instance in Korea, it is fried twice and then dunked in some sweet and spicy sauce. In Thailand, it is given a good marinade and served with sticky rice and in Senegal it is coated with a peanut flavour.

15 Weird Facts About Food

Food is something that everyone can relate to. There are no shortages of the types of foods available around the world. Here are some of the weirdest facts on the planet.

  1. Many popular fruits like Apples, pears, cherries, plums, apricots, raspberries, strawberries, and peaches actually all belong to the rose family botanically, officially known as the Rosaceae group.
  2. Chocolate was once used as currency in early 250 AD by the ancient civilizations of Mexico and South America, specifically The Mayans and the Aztecs. They used cocoa beans as a system of money.
  3. McDonald’s sells 75 burgers every second of every day. That’s approximately 6.5 million a day and 2.5 billion every year. That’s a lot of burgers!                                                                                                                                                                               
  4. Shellac is used as an anti-chip manicure but did you know that it is also used to make jelly beans shiny?
  5. During the 1800’s, people thought that tomatoes had healing properties. It was thought that it could cure illnesses like diarrhoea, jaundice and indigestion. They would take tomato pills and ketchup thinking it would cure them but the whole fad died down in 1840 after many tomato pills were found to be fraudulent.
  6. Bananas have a lot of health benefits to them. They are a source of dietary fibre, they fight against type II diabetes, aid with weight loss helps strengthen the nervous system, etc. But what many people don’t know is that bananas contain high levels of tryptophan which gets converted into serotonin- a chemical that is responsible for mood and happiness. So bananas actually help reduce depression.
  7. Chillies and other peppers get their hotness from a chemical compound called capsaicin which tricks the brain into thinking your mouth is on fire.
  8. One of the most hydrating foods in the world is the cucumber which is 96% water. Apart from that, it has calcium, chloride, magnesium, phosphate, potassium, and sodium, which are minerals that your body loses through sweating.
  9. Did you know that gelatine actually comes from the skin, connective tissue and bones of animals such as cows and pigs?
  10. Did you know that because of density difference lemons will float on water while limes sink, even though lemons are bigger?
  11. Almonds are actually a type of seed and not a nut. They are seeds of a flower that is directly related to families of orchids and roses.
  12. Pearls will melt if dropped in vinegar.
  13. If you are out of dandruff shampoo, you can try boiling some beetroot in water and using that water to wash your hair. The beetroot helps cure dandruff.
  14. A cluster of bananas is called a hand while a singular banana is called a finger.
  15. Egg yolks are one of the only foods that naturally come with Vitamin D.




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