Boston Bungalows Hotel, Puerto Rico - Reviews & Bookings

Boston Apartment Gran Canaria

Apartments / November 14, 2023

Holiday Date:
Accommodation: Boston Apartments
Room: 2 Bedroom Bungalow
Board: Self Catering

Just returned from a week long stay at the Boston Bungalows in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria. It is a small and friendly complex with a number of two bedroom duplex apartments. From check in to check out our stay was pleasurable. Any questions or requests we had were met and answered quickly and efficiently. The apartment was cleaned daily, with clean towels each day. They are very spacious, fairly basic but well equipped and come with everything you need for an enjoyable stay. There is an extra charge for wireless internet access, but if you don't want to pay for this, there is a computer available for guests 24 hours a day (costs 1.00 euro). The complex is very close to Puerto Rico's Commercial Centre (approx 20 steps down), so if you like an early night, it's probably not the place for you!

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