Babalu Apartments, Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. Book

Gran Canaria Babalu Apartments

Apartments / July 29, 2023

The apartment hotel is ideal for couples and families wishing to spend their days resting in one of the pools or going for a walk. There are 112 accommodation units and guests are welcomed into a lobby with 24-hour reception service upon their arrival. Facilities at the hotel include currency exchange facilities, lift access and children's playground. There is also a café on the premises and for a fee guests may use the hotel's WLAN Internet access. Those arriving by car may park their vehicles in the hotel's car park.

How far is the nearest beach?
The apartments are located 3 km from the main beach and the centre of Puerto Rico in a quiet area of the hillside ideal for couples and families.

Distance from Airport
Gran Canaria Airport is approximately 45 km away.

All apartments are equipped with a bedroom, en suite bathroom with shower, kitchenette with kitchen utensils, refrigerator and microwave and a balcony or terrace. On request TVs, toasters, fans, ironing sets, kettles, safes and cots are available (fees apply).

Food & Drink
The shops, bars and restaurants of the Europa shopping centre are within two hundred metres of the hotel.

Sports & Entertainment
The complex has two swimming pools (including a heated pool and an outdoor pool) with separate children's pool and playground. Guests can relax on sun loungers under parasols on the sun terrace and refreshments may be purchased at the poolside snack bar. Water sports are available on the sandy beach where sun loungers and parasols may also be hired. Mini golf is available at the Europe shopping and entertainment centre only 200 metres away. Tennis and squash are also available nearby.

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