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From: Philip G. Subject: Re: Property in Gran Canaria

Dear Inge,

Thanks for keeping us on your mailing list. We have just bought a property in Lanzarote so probably best if you take us off your list now. Thank you for all your help - we will certainly recommend you to anyone we know who is looking for somewhere in Gran Canaria. All the best.
Regards, Philip and Kathleen

From: Modesto C. G. Antes que nada, agradecerles el trabajo de intermediación entre nosotros y el comprador Sr. Stig. Estamos muy satisfechos del trabajo realizado por la inmobiliaria Cárdenas, ruego transmita nuestro agradecimiento a todas las personas que han participado en esta venta y en el acompañamiento a las dos personas interesadas en nuestra casa.

Saludos Cordiales
Modesto C.

My intention was to buy a small apartment for around 100 000 euros with a sea view (important for me) and I was checking other offers through agents as well as looking by myself.
It is not easy as some are currently rented/occupied, some have no access during the time you are there, some are already sold (and still displayed on the website of some real estate agents) and some are unavailable to be seen as no keys are present and the owner is away. So, it is often a question of good luck and how organised your agent is.

Ania has spent many holidays with her Mom in Spain, she was taught Spanish and speaks it fluently. She knows the neighbour-hood very well and knows the routes and where to park when viewing apartments.
She listens to your requirements very carefully and shows you only the properties you are really interested my case a sea view.
She will not waste your time with something different she has to sell at the moment. I call her crazy Ania as she has a lot of fun and positive energy inside. She works for a good, established business called Cardenas and is supported by a team of people, not to mention their lawyer, a very nice man called Carlos. He is preparing all final cost estimations for customers as well as all the documents needed for signing the contract.

As I mentioned, I was checking others options as well. But after 2 days with her I realised how involved she is and she really dedicates a lot of time to you. I found an apartment on one of the websites she forwarded to me by email - she had sent numerous emails with links. It was with a different company than she was working for, but Ania called them and we went there to meet Natalia.

She organised it all so I could see the apartment internally at the very last minute and then delivered me straight to the airport:-). From this moment onward Ania organised everything and was in touch with Natalia on my behalf.
What can I add - Cardenas is very professional and they serve a nice coffee too :-)

My apartment, called Marina, has 42 m2. Ultimately I paid more then
expected - why it is never less;-)? Despite this I am very happy and consider it a dream buy as it is a sea-front property and only beach keeps you from the sea. For me it is worth every euro I spent.
Ania and her husband Tomek promised to help renovate and we went to building suppliers to pick up things for the bathroom, kitchen and flooring such as tiles and so on. This is however extra service out of standard but can be also provided.
Tomek has spent time on the design and created both kitchen and bathroom in a 3D visualisation program - I did not expect to have it so well done!
We met a building company boss, Miguel (also recommended by Ania), and he had much good advice. Now I am waiting for cost estimations and Ania and Tomek will supervise the alterations shortly. So, as you can see it is a very complex procedure but I have received great assistance.
Also if one would like to rent this property in the future one can do it via Ania.

Best regards,
Joanna P.
Starka Restaurant, Krakow

De: Simon [mailto:]
Enviado el: viernes, 14 de abril de 2017 12:02
Para: Leonor Martin Sanchez
Asunto: Recommendation


The slow pace of life and lack of urgency, which is generally accepted as common to the Canarians, can at times bring frustration to those that are used to a more reactive standard of service. Those frustrations will not be encountered when you engage Leonor Martin Sanchez from Cardenas in Puerto Rico. This lady dynamo is far from common. Perhaps it was her upbringing in Germany that developed this super-efficient, highly customer orientated service provider.

It is nearly 4 months since my villa purchase was completed and Leonor still helps me with all sorts of general issues that I encounter, priceless to someone new to the island.

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