Hotel Dorado Beach (Gran Canaria, Spain) | Expedia

Dorado Beach Gran Canaria

Beaches / April 26, 2023

Our philosophy is based on the full satisfaction of our guests. This is why our spa has free and unlimited use for guests. We have various attractions and services, such as the dead sea, a swimming pool with massage jets, a hydrotherapy massage bed, UVA tanning bed with collagen treatment, salt chamber, Turkish bath and rasul, among others.

Our gym has long opening hours from 8:00 to 21:00 and its simple but elegant design makes this space an ideal place for doing exercise each day in a very relaxed atmosphere.

At Hotel Dorado Beach *** we have also taken children into consideration, with a miniclub with its own swimming pool and countless activities, all led by our entertainment team.

Likewise, we have a solarium on the top floor, a fully equipped games room, a conference room, a room of iMac computers and a large team of professionals who will make your stay a pleasant holiday.

To enjoy an incredible atmosphere in our restaurant or an informal environment between palm trees, hotel guests can enjoy Canarian dishes and popular international recipes in our restaurant or swimming pool bar without leaving the hotel. Our unique location, the experience of our chefs and the service of our staff make each meal very special.

You need look no further, as the best hotel to stay at to discover the island is in Arguineguín; Hotel Dorado Beach & Spa ***. Make your reservation with us and you will enjoy a dream holiday. Discover it for yourself!

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