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Hotels / February 15, 2014

The vast ocean, tranquility and a simply breathtaking voyage across the Atlantic on board a majestic windjammer.

Pure sailing adventure
For two whole weeks, the expansive ocean will be the home of Sea Cloud ii. Water currents and trade winds are all that propel the yacht forwards. Our well rehearsed crew works seamlessly together as the white sails billow majestically in the breeze. On a Transatlantic cruise you will certainly experience one of the most authentic sailing adventures. And as we make our way to the New World, the worries of everyday life will vanish as fast as the eastern shore.

Follow the course of Columbus
More than 500 years after Columbus, it is not just windjammer enthusiasts who will be awestruck by this re-enactment of his famous voyage. As the Sea Cloud II follows the legendary shipping route from the Canaries to the West Indies, it brings the magic of those great adventures to life. All the voyagers on board will be left with unforgettable memories.

Discover a haven of tranquillity
As you cruise across the Atlantic, you will for once be able to read your favourite book without distraction or allow your thoughts to roam as you gaze out over the horizon. The attentive crew will intuitively meet your every need and the relaxed atmosphere is the perfect catalyst for a pleasant conversation.

A lecturer accompanies the trip
The practice of gathering around a storyteller has provided
entertainment for groups of voyagers throughout history. Our lecturer has likewise prepared some exciting talks for our windjammer enthusiasts during their Transatlantic cruise.

Guests arrive individually in Las Palmas. Embarkation on the Sea Cloud II. With its black volcano almost 2, 000 metres (6, 561 foot) high and endless white beaches along the coastline, the island of Gran Canaria displays a huge variety of landscapes. A "continent in miniature" with rugged rock formations, dense pine forests, dry valleys and reservoirs in the interior, lush vegetation in the north, shimmering dune landscapes in the south and weirdly shaped cliffs in the west. Almost half the island has been registered by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. The capital, Las Palmas, is no less colourful, with its port and history stretching back 500 years. The showpiece of this historic old town is the magnificent Santa Ana Cathedral.

More than 300 years of British rule have left their mark. The whole of Bridgetown, Barbados' historic centre, with its colonial architecture surrounding Trafalgar Square, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Gentle green hilly countryside and endless fields of sugar cane characterise the island's landscape. Old colonial houses are reminders of the high life of the plantation owners, while innumerable colourful chattel houses are evidence of their workers' "moveable property". The sweeping coastline is a picture postcard of fine sandy beaches and turquoise sea surrounded by colourful coral reefs. Disembarkation. Guests return home individually.

Itinerary subject to change!

Guaranteed cabins. With a guaranteed cabin, you pay the lowest rate, but you leave the choice of cabin down to us. You will receive the cabin number with your cruise documents. The range of accommodation starts from Cat. F. The allotment for these categories is very limited. All the cabins have small sitting areas, a bright ambience, brightly coloured, spacious marble baths and plenty of space for all your personal belongings. No matter which cabin you choose, the cabin service will provide everything you need. Your pretty maritime home is tidied twice a day, the fruit bowl is refilled, and the daily programme is left out for you to read (not to mention all the extra little touches...).