Aparthotel Marina Suites in Puerto Rico on Gran Canaria

Marina Suites Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

Puerto Rico / October 25, 2023

Marina Suites are set on the edge of the ocean and offers marvellous views. It's an ideal hotel for people who love the sea and the good life. In this perfect setting, you'll discover a relaxing holiday atmosphere, with the charm of the Atlantic Ocean on your doorstep.

How far is the nearest beach?
Marina Suites is situated on the beach, 300 meters away, right by the marina in the lovely Puerto Rico.

Distance from Airport
The airport is located 50Km away.

All rooms at Marina Suites make the most of the natural light and are bright and airy. Much more than a bedroom, they make up an entire area reserved for intimacy, with one bedroom, a kitchen and a lounge area with sofa bed.

Food & Drink
Guests can enjoy their meals in the recently refurbished pool bar (-> for breakfast and dinner) with a renovated buffet area).

Sports & Entertainment
Swimming pools, 2 whirlpools and sun terrace, mini club and a daytime entertainments program. The gym and Yacht Club cocktail bar will be open from the 1st September.

Overall there is good access in the hotel and resort. Adaptable rooms offer wheel in shower and grab rails near toilet, please note there is a 4cm lip into the shower.

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