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Anfi Resort Gran Canaria

Resorts / March 15, 2024

-dsc4637.jpgIt was back in 1988 that the Norwegian entrepreneur, Bjorn Lyng, identified land neighbouring the fishing village of Arguineguin on Gran Canaria’s south-west coast on which to build a homely resort where his compatriots could escape the cold and dark Scandinavian winters.

The village remains, but Anfi del Mar has now grown into a year-round family resort away from the more established, livelier areas of Puerto Rico and Playa del Inglés, and a modernisation programme in recent years has resulted in a series of apartments across four complexes – Anfi Beach Club, Club Puerto Anfi, Club Monte Anfi and Club Gran Anfi – plus the Emerald Club and Opal Villas in neighbouring Anfi Tauro, offering the “home from home” visualised by Lyng at the outset of his project.

-dsc4932.jpgThe pool at the Emerald Club

This is a luxurious facility carved out of the island’s volcanic rock, offering golden beaches, water sports and an 18-hole golf course, with a spa on a man-made heart-shaped island due to be completed early in the new year. As such, it has become a regular summer base – and winter bolthole – for David Silva, the Manchester City and Spain midfielder, who was born and raised in Arguineguin.

All of the complexes offer pools, secured by a card access system, with restaurants offering a variety of cuisine, all of which cater for children. Due to the family-orientation of the resort, Anfi is not the 24-hour party hotspot many would associate with Gran Canaria, with its bars and restaurants winding down before midnight.

The resort is tucked into the rock face


Hourly boat trips from Anfi travel down the coast to the town of Mogan, which has a traditional Canarian market, while the island capital, Las Palmas, is a 45-minute drive north.

Tourist attractions such as the stunning sand dunes at Maspalomas and nearby Aqualand water park are both within easy reach, and the airport is a 30-minute drive away.

Maspalomas sand dunes (jmbaud74/Flickr)


While the luxury penthouse suites may be beyond the reach of most, the apartments provide sizeable marble-floored accommodation, all with pool- or sea-views.

The rooms are generously sized, with wi-fi available throughout; living and kitchen areas are modern in style, with the interior a fresh and clean white, set off by contemporary furniture. Fans of simple design will be right at home.

Bedrooms have modern, minimalist decor

The pool area of each complex is well-stocked with sunbeds, plus a children’s pool. Kids’ clubs are also on site, with their own outdoor play areas.


Wifi: Free
Accessibility: 10 wheelchair accessible rooms

Rooms: ****
Service: ****
Value: ****

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