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Bus Routes in Gran Canaria

Things To Do / April 30, 2017

The two versions of my guides 'Don’t Leave Gran Canaria Without Seeing It' include many circular walking routes, and several linear routes from A to B that can be achieved with the local bus service Global. I have tried to cover as much of the island as possible in these guides. I recommend the use of a hire car as it does give you much more freedom in the choice and timing of the hikes, however many can be done by using the local buses, which are cheap and reliable.

Gran Canaria Buses
Tejeda Tejeda

The most important Bus Route is No.18, from Maspalomas to Tejeda via San Bartolomé, the main timings involve the 08.00 and 09.30 bus from Maspalomas. If the Global bus time table shows a change in these timings then the times I have used in the text on each walk will have changed also. Updates for all of the latest bus times for Tejeda and San Bartolomé can be viewed on the Walk Updates page.

Car Hire and Driving

Car hire is not expensive, you can usually prebook a car for about £150 / €170 per week

Car hire links:

To enjoy driving in the mountains of Gran Canaria you must be happy with ‘country lane driving’, there are no motorways in the centre of the island, but lots of roads with many bends. Most roads are well signposted and have crash barriers and in general the road surface is very good.

Local transport in Santa Lucia!

The majority of my walks are within an hour or so drive from Maspalomas, but many hikes are closer to the rural hotels.

Another transport option is the use of taxi’s, they are not very expensive and usually reliable. Most towns in the rural areas have a taxi rank, taxis are very affordable in the rural areas, I recommend that you have your destination written down for either a bus driver or taxi driver to avoid the possibility of a misunderstanding.

Roger prides himself on keeping off tarmac as MUCH as possible
..and also on providing you with the bus times you require
to reach the start and get back from the end of each walk