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Club Monte Anfi Gran Canaria

Things To Do / December 28, 2022

Stylish luxury makes the Club Monte Anfi a resort you are certain to revisit. With the amazing views of the bay and resort, Club Monte Anfi is ideal for families and couples that want to get away from it all. The large, fully air conditioned apartments come standard with their own balcony, allowing you to enjoy the views of the marina and ocean. Provided with your own fully equipped kitchen and beautifully finished bathroom, Club Monte Anfi offers a fantastic holiday retreat.

Based in Gran Canaria, you will have access to the islands famous beaches and waterways. Visit Playa del Inglés or Maspalomas and indulge in some lazy days on the beach, family fun at Aqualand Park or take to the hills and explore the rugged west coast of the island. Its dolphin and turtle populations thrive in the pristine waters, which offer some of the world's best surfing and scuba diving.

Easy access to the marina means a fishing trip is easily arranged or even a day spent sailing with the family, and with the excellent year round weather you are certain to enjoy many of the activities on offer. Club Monte Anfi is also close to many of the major shopping centers in Gran Canaria, or if you prefer to spend the evening in one of the many local restaurants you are certain to find cuisine from all over the world. Gran Canaria also offers 8 different golf courses, and with its many naturally protected parks and reserves, there is much to see.

Purchasing Monte Anfi

Completed in the spring of 2000, Monte Anfi is the third phase of the popular Anfi Del Mar complex after Anfi Beach Club and Puerto Anfi. Approximately 230 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units enjoy an elevated position with views reaching far and wide.

Monte Anfi is affiliated holds several awards including RCI Gold Crown, Interval International Premier Resort and Trip Advisor's Certificate of Excellence for 2014.

Both floating and fixed week timeshares at Monte Anfi can be purchased from ourselves with floating weeks providing the owner with the opportunity to request any time of year except the Christmas and New Year periods. For more information on Monte Anfi resales, submit an enquiry via the website or speak with one of our consultants on 01202 544 870.

Selling Monte Anfi

If you currently own a week at Monte Anfi and are considering selling please give us a call! Monte Anfi is one of our more popular resorts and we have a constant demand from buyers. You can register to sell timeshare with no upfront fees via our website or by simply speaking with one of our registrations team.

Based on England's south coast in the town of Bournemouth, Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket Ltd are a UK company established since 1996 and the largest timeshare resale company in Europe. You can find out more about how we work and how we can help you sell your timeshare by clicking here.

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