De 4 estrellas en Gran Canaria Seaside Sandy Beach

Gran Canaria Seaside Sandy Beach

Beaches / March 23, 2024

Designed by the world famous architect Alberto Pinto, the Seaside Palm Beach hotel invites you to experience a very special holiday on the Canaries. The luxury hotel, with its elegant retro 1970s design, awaits you on Gran Canaria. You can expect luxury down to the last detail, excellent cuisine and superb comfort, meeting the highest requirements of 5 star quality standards. A holiday in our hotel means rest, relaxation and pleasure in exclusive surroundings. The Seaside Palm Beach hotel provides all the amenities that you would expect on a luxury holiday in a top standard 5 star hotel on the Canaries. 3 excellent restaurants, the exclusive spa and wellness centre, designed to promote inner harmony, and the comfortably furnished, spacious suites and rooms all enhance your well-being during your holiday on the Canaries. You can rest by the quiet saltwater pool or by the large main pool, while your children can play safely in one of the separate childrenΒ’s pools. A special feature of our luxury hotel on the Canaries is our exclusive spa and wellness centre. Treatment rooms flooded with natural light, saunas and a thalasso pool all provide a peaceful setting in which you can relax and unwind. Your holiday on the Canaries will allow you to recharge your batteries as you let us pamper you.

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