Gran Canaria Holidays 2017 – Cheap Gran Canaria Holiday Deals

Bargain Holidays to Gran Canaria

Holidays / May 2, 2023

Your budget will take you much further than you think with our cheap holidays to Gran Canaria, which means it's time to stop daydreaming and get packing.

Finding a cheap deal to Gran Canaria as easy as pie, thanks to our collection of cut-price hotels.

Why you should visit Gran Canaria

All Inclusive hotels

A great deal is a given when you book an All Inclusive holiday with us. In Maspalomas, hotels serve up free buses to the beach and day-long family activities. Hotels in go-slow San Agustin, meanwhile, pack in panoramic sea and sand dune views. Then there’s lively Playa del Ingles, where places like the Hotel IFA Continental come with huge pools and a central locale.

Travel Gran Canaria

Seeing Gran Canaria on the cheap is easy. Playa del Ingles is the place for bargain basement shopping. In fact, all buys on the island — from electricals to perfumes — are VAT-free. And exploring the vast Saharan sand dunes in Maspalomas doesn’t cost a euro. If you’ve saved up a bit of cash for a day trip, try a boat cruise out in to the Atlantic Ocean. Dolphins and whales are regulars in these parts.

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