Costa Canaria - Adults Only - San Agustin, Gran Canaria | On the Beach

Saga Holidays Gran Canaria

Holidays / August 6, 2023

C/ Retamas 1, 35100 San Agustin, Gran Canaria, Spain


The high-quality locally rated 4-star Costa Canaria has direct access to the beach and offers an excellent range of amenities together with an extensive programme of activities and entertainment. This hotel is reserved exclusively for adults, making it ideal for a relaxing holiday. Our range of optional excursions will also allow you to discover more of this beautiful island.


All 235 bedrooms have a balcony or sea-view with upgrade. Safety deposit box available at an extra charge.

Safe (extra charge)

Food and Drink

Your stay at the Costa Canaria is on an all-inclusive basis. There are two restaurants at the hotel, serving buffet-style meals.

Complimentary tea is available between 9am and 11pm, and the free Saga bar, open from 11am to 11pm, serves local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.


During your stay you can enjoy the following programme of activities and entertainment. Activities may change from time to time and some activities may be at an additional charge.

  • Orientation walk
  • Spanish lessons
  • Wednesday market

You can also enjoy live music six nights a week at the hotel and dancing and shows three times a week.

You may wish to play a game of golf during your holiday and out resort staff can give you details of local courses and prices.

There are various other sporting activities you may wish to join in at the hotel, such as:

  • Aerobics
  • Archery
  • Billiards
  • Darts
  • Volleyball
  • Table tennis
  • Tennis

Other Hotel Information

10% discount off items purchased at the hotel that are charged to your room and settled with your Saga Platinum credit card (excludes franchise outlets).

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