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Boutique Hotels in Gran Canaria

Hotels / May 20, 2015

This sandy stretch of south-eastern Spain has been a hit with holidaymakers since the Brits discovered Benidorm in the 1960s, but beyond the beaches and bars, there’s a mountainous landscape of wild beauty, a coastline riddled with hidden coves and dotte

This sunny Spanish region is best seen from a saddle; riding over scorching scrub-covered lowlands while gazing at the Sierra Nevada range is as romantic as it gets. Like a toreador caught off guard, you’ll be knocked off your feet.

Find a luxury villa, boutique hotel or beach break in the Balearic Islands with our expertly curated collection of the best Mediterranean stays.

Basking on the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean, the Catalan capital is a city with its finger most firmly on the pulse: Barcelona has always embraced style, bold design and all things new.

Hugging a rugged, windswept coastline that snakes east of Bilbao into France and the Pyrenees, the Basque country of northern Spain promises both urban excitement and open-air adventure.

This northerly region in Catalonia has scenery to satisfy your every whim – city break (Girona), beach retreat (Costa Brava) or country weekend (La Bisbal).

By day, Madrid is a city of extravagant palaces, majestic plazas and stately parks; by night, los gatos (the cats), as the city’s inhabitants are nicknamed, prowl the historic avenues until the early hours indulging their passion for decadent nightlife.

A bustling city with 24 beaches, this Spanish hotspot has more to it than the usual Costa del Sol tourist route.

This mountain-flanked city in the Navarre region of northern Spain is known for its wine, cheese and annual bull run…