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Hotels / June 19, 2015

Yoga is popular throughout the world and you, too, can also take advantage of its health benefits. By practising Yoga our guests can develop their physical, psychological and spiritual powers. Regular Yoga exercises will help you to keep your body healthy and find inner calm. They strengthen the willpower and help you to overcome negative thoughts. Participation in our Yoga courses will enable you to really wind down during your holiday in Gran Canaria.


In our wellness facility you will imagine yourself to be in a Buddhist meditation centre. In guided and silent meditation we help you to open yourself up to the stillness and clarity of the heart and spirit. Meditation, a philosophy of reflection and concentration on the inner self, will help you to achieve the harmony of a calm spirit. Practise with our trainer and experience your own steps towards successful meditation. You won't fail to notice how much calmer you become!

Tai Chi

At our hotel you can also learn Tai Chi, a form of martial arts which can be practised either in the fast martial or slow relaxation form. At Seaside Palm Beach you can learn the slower form, which will improve your coordination and breathing technique.