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Water Park Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

Puerto Rico / February 21, 2023

During your time in Gran Canaria, consider visiting one of water parks. People come on holiday to Gran Canaria for a variety of different reasons. Some come for the sand, some for the sea and others for the sunshine (because it does have a good all year round climate). For some though, there is nothing nothing worse than going to the beach and ending the day covered in sand. You know the feeling, you get into the shower to wash all the sand away, and discover that you have it in places you didn't even realise you had.

Gran Canaria has created the perfect solution, You can enjoy the water and the sunshine at the same time in one of the water parks.

Water parks in Gran Canaria These water parks have everything you need for an exciting and enjoyable day out. You can sit back, join in, let your hair down and relax with the kids at one of the three major water parks without worrying about the children´s safety, or about, getting covered in sand.

The three water parks offered to you on Gran Canara not only give you abd your amily the opportunity to enjoy to enjoy the water together but all of the water parks also offer a number of cafés and bars. You will also be able to purchase gifts and souvenirs inside the water parks. The water parks on Gran Canaria truly are a day for everyone, this includes, pools of differing depths, to suit all ages. Each of the water parks also offer you and your family, water slides of varying lengths and intensities, so that everyone can enjoy their day out, without worrying about age, size or height.

Inside the water parks safety is of paramount concern, and as the water slides increase in intensity, height and length, you will find that the management ar each of the water parks will have in place height restrictions.

For more detailed information the water parks available in the south of Gran Canaria, select the water park of your choice from the water parks listed in the left menu.

If you are on holiday in the south of Gran Canaria then you have it made. There are three very popular water parks to be explored and enjoyed in the south of Gran Canaria fromPuerto Rico to Maspalomas.

Source: www.justgrancanaria.com