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Family Resorts in Gran Canaria

Resorts / March 11, 2024

With First Choice, stress–free family holidays to Gran Canaria are within touching distance.

Gran Canaria is a family holiday hotspot. Waterparks, ocean safaris, camel rides, animal parks — spend a few nights on this Canary Island, and you’ll see it all. And it finishes everything off with a line-up of sandy beaches.

Why you should visit Gran Canaria

Whoosh around the waterparks

Book a hotel in Maspalomas, and you’ll be nice and close to the Aqua Sun waterpark. It serves up everything from near-vertical slides to lazy rivers. Atlandita, meanwhile, makes itself at home in beach resort Puerto Rico. As well as sky-scraping slides, it’s got a kid-friendly restaurant and sun terraces.

Trek the Maspalomas Dunes

Want to see camels in their element? Sign up to a trek in Maspalomas. The dunes here are massive, and camel journeys plod through nature reserves and lagoons. Kids can even get a chance to meet baby camels.

Make waves in Playa del Ingles

Playa del Ingles majors in watersports. Parasailing, jet-skiing and windsurfing are on the cards. Plus, you can jump aboard a glass-bottom boat that gives you first-class views of the underwater wildlife. For something even more relaxing, kick back on a catamaran cruise. You might even spy the odd dolphin or whale.

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