Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort - Best Hotels In The World

Salobre Gran Canaria Golf Resort

Resorts / June 9, 2024

7 / 10

Unless you’re an A-list celebrity or keen golfer, you might find Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort’s near 40, 000 square-metres of land too isolated. The complex’s postal address features the name of the road followed by that of the municipality. There is a free shuttle service to the resort’s beach club, though, in case you’re feeling cut off from the rest of civilisation. Nevertheless, the hotel is well signposted from Gran Canaria’s main motorway, the GC-1. Travelling from the airport, it’s about a half-an-hour drive. The rural setting had another unexpected benefit with birdsong providing the alarm call I’d forgotten to request from reception.

Style & character

If it wasn’t for the sign, you wouldn’t know you were in a Sheraton. The hotel chain took into account the natural environment and chose to construct a resort that blends into its surroundings rather than stand out. The end result is not unlike a miniature Jenga tower set into the hillside. Stone the tone of ochre from the south of the island’s Ayagaures used in the exteriors reflects the area’s volcanic landscape.

Service & facilities

Perhaps it was because I was lunching by myself on a corner table, but at times I felt I was being left to my own devices at the á-la-carte Restaurante Palmera by a two-strong waiting team admittedly kept busy by the groups of friends and families occupying the other tables. There were greater numbers of staff on-hand at the buffet Restaurante Gofio, but service was far from impersonal. I was given a tour of the meat-free options available; something which is always helpful for a vegetarian. Instead of taking advantage of the Nordic walking poles available at reception, the two golf courses on my doorstep, or the fitness centre, I chose to take a siesta next to the 11th-floor infinity Sunset Pool. And so deeply did I snooze, I missed out on the opportunity to visit the Aloe Spa and experience their signature €99 ALOE ritual treatment (scrub + aloe full-body massage + aloe drink) utilising the acclaimed healing properties of the island’s wonder herb, aloe vera.

  • Bar
  • Fitness centre
  • Golf course
  • Kids' club
  • Laundry
  • Parking
  • Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Room service
  • Sauna
  • Spa
  • Steam room/hammam
  • Wi-Fi


There are 313 rooms at the Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Resort. Of these, 241 are deluxe rooms and 45 premier. There are nine junior suites and 17 with a separate living room and bedroom. The presidential suite features a private rooftop terrace with jacuzzi. Whilst my sleeping quarters were humbler, they were eminently comfortable. It was warm enough at night to sleep with the door to the terrace open. Prior to my stay, temperatures had reached as high as 47 degrees.

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