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Things To Do / January 25, 2017

This privacy declaration contains numerous general and technical details regarding the measures we take to ensure the utmost respect for the privacy of our visitors. The final objective of Serenity Blue S.L. (here in "Serenity Amadores") is that the needs and expectations of its clients are in accordance with the all the activities carried out by our organisation, including protection of privacy.

Serenity Amadores guarantees the protection and confidentiality of the data provided to us by our customers. This information is gathered and managed pursuant to Law 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection and is covered by the provisions of article 12.1 of Law 1/1992 on citizen security.

All the data provided is included in a digital file containing Personal Data created by Serenity Amadores, which is also responsible for the custody of this file. The purpose of this file is to comply with the legal requirements in force regarding the registration of travellers and to provide occasional information regarding our special offers, new features and for the purpose of conducting statistical research.
You are hereby informed that you may exercise your right to access, rectify, correct or oppose your personal information at any time by giving written notice to:

Serenity Amadores S.L., C/ Alcalde Ramírez Betencourth 9 - 35004 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Las Palmas)

Similarly, the peculiarities of our website are governed by the following principles with regard to the application of the privacy policy:

Browsing: The website is not configured to gather personal information of any type from the computer while the user browses the website. This means that unless the user provides us with personal information voluntarily and explicitly, we will never know the name, email address or any other information capable of identifying the user.

E-mail: Serenity Amadores has an email policy which requires it to send only communications that will be useful to the user and that the user has requested. When the User makes a booking through the web page and provides an email address, at no time shall such user be contacted with offers and promotions unless this has specifically been requested during the booking process or when registering personal data. The only communications received will be in regard to the confirmation of the information in the Serenity Amadores private database, and the confirmation that the reservation has been made by processing the payment to guarantee this. Additional communications may include a reminder of your entry code (password) or copies of booking requests made on request. In the latter case, these communications will be in response to the processes requested and put in motion by the user. Beyond these four circumstances, Serenity Amadores will not send any additional information to the User unless expressly requested to do so.

Use of social tools on our website: Serenity Amadores provides its users with forms and options to allow them to inform their own network of contacts about content of the Serenity Amadores website they believe will be of interest to them. Serenity Amadores enables this information to be sent by providing users with automated forms. The information provided about these addressees will never be stored in any digital files held by Serenity Amadores, nor shall it be used for any future marketing or promotional campaigns, whether regular or sporadic. The addressee and sender information of such communications and their content are destroyed during the sending process.

Use of the information: The personal information provided by the user while using the website to make a booking is made available to the hotel requested to enable it to process the booking. Should the User cancel the booking, the information stored will continue to be stored in our records with the sole purpose of keeping a historical record of applications and shall not be accessed again. When the User's stay at the Serenity Amadores establishment has finished, the information stored may be used for offline direct marketing activities, without prejudice to the provisions of the paragraph above, for an RH hotel.

Publication of the information to third parties: Serenity Amadores may divulge the Personal Data if it is legally required or authorised to do so or if, in good faith, Serenity Amadores considers that such action is necessary to (a) comply with the law in force or cooperate with a legal action brought against Serenity Amadores or the site; (b) protect or defend the rights or property of Serenity Amadores, the site or its users and (c) act in emergency situations to protect personal security or that of Serenity Amadores or the site.

Links to other sites: If the User opts to leave the website through links to websites that are not owned by Serenity Amadores, the latter accepts no liability for the privacy policies of such sites, nor for any cookies that may be stored on the user's computer.

Legal matters: This is a Spanish website and is subject to Spanish law. Serenity Amadores may make available the personal information provided by the user with its consent when legally required to do so, or acting in good faith provided such action is necessary to investigate or protect guests, visitors or associates of Serenity Amadores or their property (including this website).

Changes to this website's privacy policy: Serenity Amadores reserves the right to make changes to this website's privacy policy. All changes shall be published in this section, in order to keep Users up to date with the information gathered on the Website, how it is processed and used, and how it can be made available to third parties.

Source: www.serenityamadores.com