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Things To Do / November 10, 2016

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10. Re: temperatures in gran canaria end march

Never fear Andrea 100, I am never very picky, but the place we stayed and i'm not going to mention as its a few years back, but it was my fault really we took a chance on allocated on arrival, which was cheap .The hotel was really geared up for the germans (not a problem) but not my taste in food, getting up at3am to put out a towel, not me either .But what topped it was i asked at reception to call me a taxi only to be told you have to queue at the rank, so okay, then i saw loads of taxis pulling into the hotel for german passengers which told a story .I dont care who stays in any hotel but all guests should be treated the same .I spoke to the rep and we paid to move down to Puerto Rico, an extra 50 euros each and the price of a taxi .Well happy, still worked out much cheaper than booking that hotel from the off, No Its not the one you are staying at .

Never fear on the buses, unlike a lot of UK bus drivers they are very helpful, and you speak plain english and not expect them to understand our local dialects they are fine, they are regular and run on time .Taxis, are cheaper than the uk, but cant help beyond that as i only ever use them around the resort of Puerto Rico and its around 4 euros from one side to the other, or top of the hill to the bottom . If you ask at your reception they will have a rough idea, or ask them to phone the taxi company for you .Remember a nice OLA at reception goes along way or a little bit more if your able .Have a great time