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Things To Do / April 30, 2016

Gran Canaria Cycle Training & Cycling Holidays - ColconquerorsTrip Itinerary

Saturday – Arrival

You will be met at the airport in person by ourselves ready for the short 45 minute private transfer to your accommodation in Puerto Mogan.

We aim to leave the airport at Las Palmas between 3 and 3.30pm if you choose to use our included private transfer service. For flights outside of these times we can easily help you arrange an alternative transfer.

On arrival at the accommodation the welcome meeting outlines the plan for the week and there’s then plenty of time to put the bikes together and take an easy spin to make sure everything is ready for day 1.

In the evening we have a team dinner which is a great opportunity to get to know each other and discus the plans for the following day.

Sunday – Day 1

Distance & Climb : 64km / 1200 meters

Being the first day it’s important to start of gently but at the same time getting a feel for the riding and climbing that’s on offer. A great day to get orientated with the layout of the island and begin to appreciate the diversity of cycling available in Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria Cycle Training & Cycling Holidays - ColconquerorsMonday – Day 2

Distance & Climb : 112km / 2350 meters

The ride runs initially for 30km along the coast before turning in land and tackling a long climb towards the oasis of Fataga before heading on into the center of the Island and Ayacata for a well earned lunch. The main climb certainly gives you the opportunity to test the legs. Once refreshed it’s the first opportunity to make the 35knm descent back to Puerto de Mogan via a road offering magnificent views of the mountains and coastline.

Tuesday – Day 3

Distance & Climb : 123km / 2650 meters

Today we head from our base Puerto de Mogan at sea level and climb to Pico de las Nievas at 1946 meters in a single climb. A great day on the bike and it’s not every day you wake up with the opportunity to climb 47.5km in one hit! The views on route today are some of the finest going and the changes in scenery once heading from Ayacata to the summit are well worth your efforts.

Wednesday – Day 4

Pico de las Nievas Gran Canaria CyclingDistance & Climb : 35km / 400 meters

The recovery day gives you an opportunity to take a short active recovery ride to provide the correct type of stimulus to promote recovery from previous training sessions to ensure you are in good shape for the rest of the week. Massages are available at the spa as an option and will further enhance the recovery process.

Thursday – Day 5

Distance & Climb : 95km / 2700 meters

Today we ride the Valley of the Tears (VOTT) safe in the knowledge that you’ve found your climbing legs after the first half of the week cycling. This is a challenging day to say the least and one made up primarily of two climbs, the second of which at 25km in length with sections of steep gradient is one that the we always love to challenge ourselves against and is generally acknowledged as one of the toughest climb on Gran Canaria. You’ll certainly return from this ride mentally tougher!

Friday – Day 6

Distance & Climb : 151km / 3500 meters

A challenging final ride with the highlight of the day being the arrival at the high point of the island, Pico de las Nieves from the most challenging side offering stunning views across to Tenerife. With a 5km section with an average gradient approaching 11% this is not only a great ride but a real challenge.

Saturday – Departure

After breakfast we leave the hotel at 9am and return you to Las Palmas airport for your return flights.


Just returned from an awesome week of high-altitude training in Gran Canaria with Col Conquerors. I have to say it was probably the best week I have spent on the bike in years. Great company from friends accompanied by hour upon hour of expert guidance, tuition, encouragement, support and plentiful nuggets of cycling goodness from the expert coach that is Rob Hawkins, the mastermind behind Col Conquerors. Erudite, knowledgeable and quick with a cycling anecdote, qualified level 3 coach Rob made the week very special with his carefully planned routes, structured progress and meal-time banter. Talk of power, FTP, training zones and the like over dinner were fascinating, and when put into practice the progress made over just a week was quite incredible. Would I go back? Absolutely – in a (quite high) heartbeat. Thank you Rob and Karen for a truly memorable and valuable week.

I have just returned from a weeks awesome riding in Gran Canaria with Col Conquerors, Rob is so helpful, enthusiastic and informative when it comes to all aspects of riding, if your looking for a fantastic place to ride in the winter and to better your training, I would highly recommend going with the CC! You will not be disappointed.

Gran Canaria Cycle Training & Cycling Holidays - Colconquerors Gran Canaria Cycle Training & Cycling Holidays - Colconquerors Gran Canaria Cycle Training & Cycling Holidays - Colconquerors Gran Canaria Cycling - Day 1