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What is the Temperature in Gran Canaria?

Things To Do / April 15, 2017

The Spanish Islands have captured the hearts of thousands of tourists over the years and overseas visitors continue to provide this part of the world with its largest source of income. Their enduring popularity is thanks to a heady combination of a friendly atmosphere, fabulous weather and a wonderfully laid back way of life. Island living lends itself particularly well to holiday making as it tends to be noticeably slower paced than that of the mainland coastline. But as the largest and most populous of the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria also has plenty of culture to offer its visitors.

Its popularity with culture vultures, sun worshippers and island hoppers has meant that Gran Canaria has become a firm favourite with high street travel agents such as Thomas Cook, allowing them to offer affordable all inclusive Gran Canaria deals throughout the year. It is hard to say when precisely Gran Canaria enjoys its peak season as it is often just as busy during the winter months, when the weather is still temperate and bright, as it is during the peak family holiday season over the summer months. As one of Europe’s most popular winter time destinations, it is easy to see how Gran Canaria earnt its affectionate nickname - the island of eternal spring.

Featuring a beautiful bay with clean sands and safe, shallow waters, holidays in Alcudia allow families to spend time together enjoying quieter beaches by day. When night falls, the entertainment is family friendly and wholesome so you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you don’t need to worry about little eyes and ears being privy to anything inappropriate.

Temperatures in Gran Canaria are consistently high, ranging from around 23 to 29 degrees celcius throughout the year. Whilst there is a slightly greater chance of rain between November and February, on the whole Gran Canaria is a dry island, with spells of rain lasting no longer than an hour or two and usually less. From June to September, temperatures are almost consistently in excess of 26 degrees Celsius, and this tends to be the most popular season for beach fans.

Mild and sunny weather with slightly lower temperatures during the rest of the year mean that from September to May conditions are ideal for those who would prefer to visit Gran Canaria and get active. Outside of the peak summer season, conditions are perfect for exploring the great geological diversity of the island and the extent of its natural beauty.