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Golf Holidays in Gran Canaria

Holidays / November 12, 2023

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    Long established as an excellent golfing destination, the appeal of golf in Gran Canaria is no great mystery. The climate is wonderful year round and the golf courses are of the highest quality. The majority of the best layouts are found in the desert-type landscape of the south, which includes the Sheraton Salobre, the visually stunning Anfi Tauro, and the superb Maspalomas, a layout designed by the man who gave us Turnberry, Philip MacKenzie Ross.

  • Golfbreaks.comGolf in Gran Canaria from £359

    If you fancy some Gran Canaria golf courses somewhere other than the south, then the north coast of the island will also cater to all of your needs. Here you will find the comfortable Bandama Golf Hotel packaged with two outstanding nearby layouts - Real Club de Golf de Las Palmas and El Cortijo Golf Course, a former host of the Spanish Open. Both offer stunning sea views and will provide you with the perfect Gran Canaria golf holiday.

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