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Small Hotels in Gran Canaria

Hotels / May 2, 2015

Our selection of places to stay on the Canary Islands, off the north-west coast of Africa, but belonging to Spain, is limited to a few hand-picked places that buck the prevailing norm of large conventional hotels. The islands, with their wonderful balmy climate offering reliable winter sun, have largely been developed for the mass, packaged holiday market.

There are seven Canary Islands, of which we have found places worth recommending on four: Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma and Tenerife.

As elsewhere, our selection of places to stay on the Canary Islands offers an interesting range to choose from: guesthouses (hostals), restaurants-with-rooms and small hotels. Whichever, they all have the special qualities of hand-picked character and charm we seek out.

We have recently taken Hotel Rural Las Calas at San Mateo off the site and can no longer recommend it. If you would like to know why, please contact our web editor on 2 during working hours UK time.

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PCT, 38300, Parc Nacional del Teide, +34 922 386415

Mountain top hotel, Tenerife

Malva 8, 35562, San Bartolome, +34 928 520060

Rustic family home, Lanzarote

Pablo Diaz, 37, 35460, Galdar, +55

Welcoming country guesthouse, Gran Canaria

General Street Franco 13, 38760, Llanos, +40

Charming town hotel, La Palma

Las Llanadas s/n, 38726, Barlovento, +34 922 186221

Seaside hotel with views, La Palma

Calle Esteban de Ponte, 32, 38450, Garachico, +34 922 133435

Bohemian seaside hotel on Tenerife

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