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Bahia Blanca Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

Puerto Rico / May 3, 2023

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Mogan Wrecks

Boat | 18-20m

Mogan Wrecks, two wrecks located just in front of the beach of Mogan : the Cermona II and the Alagranza. These old fishing vessels, resting at a depth of 18 meters, today provide the habitat to large shoals of barracuda and grunds. You can also find sting rays, eagle rays, octopus and many more. Both wrecks are lying only 50m from each other so you can easily combine them in one dive. At this dive site, it is very easy to feel like you are in an aquarium with the amount of wildlife surrounding you, from barracuda hunting from above down to the groupers lurking underneath the wreck.

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Artificial Reef

Boat | 23m

The Artificial reef was created in 1991 by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. They placed a large number of structures on the ocean floor in order to study the development of the aquatic life. Over the years these structures developed to be a great biotope for many species. The masses of marine give the impression to swim right into a curtain of fish. Out front in the big sandy area it’s a spectacular to watch the garden eels and angel sharks, rays or even electric Rays are regularly spotted. On the structures you will find octopus, nudibrands, fireworms and moray eels.

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Arguineguin Reef

Boat | 12-16m

Arguineguin Reef, located just outside the port of Arguineguin, is formed by a long streched rock reef. This close-by dive location is following the border between the sandy bottom and a rocky natural volcanic reef. In the many holes and hideaways you find a large variety of sealife. Besides the different species of reeffish you will encounter rays, octopus and cuttlefish.

When the current is right, the spot is ideal for doing drift dives!

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Meteor III – EL Pajar Wreck

Boat | 15-16m

In 2003 a Russian hydrofoil Meteor or El Pajar sank. Its wreck lies on a depth of 15 meters on a sandy bottom. It has been broken in many pieces making the wreck into the habitat of many sea creatures. They hide in and under the several parts of debris. You can find large shoals of barracudas, roncadoras, drum fish, sea bream, stingrays, electric rays, angel sharks, … Within the debris you will recognize pieces of ferry. The rows of seat, the engines and the toilet are typical items appearing on diver’s photo shoots.

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