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Puerto Rico / February 22, 2024

Winter and summer temperatures are at their very best in the Canary Islands. Here, on Gran Canaria and at its southern tip, there’s rarely a day that goes by where masses of warm sunshine doesn’t bathe the glorious beaches. Puerto Rico is the area’s main purpose built resort with a beach consisting of sand imported from the Sahara Desert. Hot, sunny days are augmented by a wide choice of bars and restaurants; plus an infectious and heated nightlife scene. Stay on Puerto Rico’s beach, or enjoy searching out the treasures that the island has to offer.

Heights of enjoyment

Some like it hot and if you do, you’ll love the Gran Canaria resort of Puerto Rico. The winter, yes the winter, temperature averages around 22°C here, so it really is the perfect year-round spot for family and other holidays. Apart from the splendid beach and shallow sea -ideal for kids - there’s an impressive marina and plenty of shops. There’s also a diverse range of restaurants and of course there are now numerous apartments and hotels in Puerto Rico. Like many resorts in Spain, this was once just a sleepy fishing village; but no longer. Take a dolphin or whale watching sea excursion and look back to land to see Puerto Rico at its impressive best. If staying in a hotel in Puerto Rico, you’ll probably be able to see it, as the entire resort is built in terraces on the surrounding cliffs. A bonus is that most buildings have sensational sea-views. Then, right at the top of the town, there’s a thriving shopping centre with restaurants, late night enjoyment and friendly bars.

A plaice in the sun

Sightseeing is a must on Gran Canaria and from Puerto Rico, the resorts and dunes of Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles are an easy car journey away. Then there’s Mogan. It’s a bit further along the coast and has an appeal that’s all its own. The local bus service is a cheap alternative to the hire-car and you can even use this for cheap transfers from your Puerto Rico hotel, to and from Las Palmas Airport. The thing about the bus is that it will take you to places where you wouldn’t dream of going in the car. More great days out include those to Las Palmas itself. From here, you can, if the idea grabs you, just ferry across to Tenerife. A trip to the top of Mount Telde is yet another unforgettable experience. All Puerto Rico hotels are happy to advise on excursions that will appeal to you. There are even fishing trips where they’ll collect you from your Puerto Rico hotel and introduce you to the delights of deep-sea fishing.

Peace, quiet and all that jazz

In addition to the obvious sea and sun bathing appeal, there is an impressive range of activities - and inactivities - to be enjoyed; all from the many hotels in Puerto Rico. Set back from the beach are lush tropical gardens and there’s a public swimming pool for those who tire of the Sahara-type beach. Atlántida is a water park with family fun rides and slides. Jet-skiing, diving, windsurfing and sailing are also among the thrills to be enjoyed from your Puerto Rico hotel base. Shopping in abundance is at the Europa and Parasela Centres. The main centre, though, is in a Central Valley, traffic free zone. Here, at night, fun loving visitors are drawn to a number of straight and gay bars and discos. Looking for something quieter? It’s only a short journey to Meloneras. This is just to the south-east of the many hotels in Puerto Rico and is something of a Gran Canaria treasure. It’s well worth a visit to drink in its relaxed atmosphere; bars, shops, restaurants and gardens.

An eruption of festivities

All the Canary Islands have been created as a result of volcanic eruption. Consequently, some beaches, mainly in the north, feature black sand. In Puerto Rico, these Gran Canaria hotels are quick to point out that their beach consists purely of shimmering Sahara Desert sand. Actually, most of the southerly beaches are white as white. Throughout the year, hotels in Puerto Rico are keen to introduce visitors to the festivals and fiestas that are held on Gran Canaria. You’ll find that something is happening in every village, particularly during February and March. Featuring carnival bands, dancers, music groups, drag queens and comedy exponents; Maspalomas is one of the major local hot spots. Some fanatics, though, drive round the island to join in as many festivities as possible. The island’s capital, Las Palmas, is the obvious focal point. It’s the experience of a lifetime. You can drive there from Puerto Rico – just make sure that a teetotaller drives you back.

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