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Dunas Suites and Villas Resort Gran Canaria

Resorts / July 27, 2023

8 / 10

Situated in the leafy Campo Internacional development. Reach the beach at Maspalomas in around 20 minutes on foot and the entrance to the nearest golf course in closer to quarter of an hour. Meanwhile, heading south from the island’s airport along the GC-1 will see you arrive at the hotel in about 25 minutes by car.

Style & character

The suites and villas feel more like holiday homes than hotel rooms, in something akin to a Mediterranean village, albeit painted mellow yellow rather than Greek white, amidst a botanical garden of aloe vera, cacti, and statues. Colourful mosaics line the odd wall as if they’ve been tagged by Gaudi.

Service & facilities

9 / 10

Two of the three main swimming pools are heated in winter and there is a trio of children’s pools. Staff really throw themselves into their roles, whether that be refereeing pool volleyball, preparing home-made sangria, or keeping children entertained at the miniclub. There’s a Kinesia wellness centre next to the reception and Suites & Villas guests are free to use the facilities of the adjoining four-star Dunas Maspalomas Resort.

  • Bar
  • Kids' club
  • Parking
  • Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Tennis court
  • Wi-Fi


Our contemporary one-bedroom terrace suite (one of 192 on the complex) with ersatz memorabilia providing an antique tease, was generously proportioned for the two of us and our five-year-old son, as the living room housed a wicker sofa bed. The 34 senior suites include an extra bedroom and larger living room, while the one- and two-bedroomed villas also feature a kitchenette.

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Food & drink

7 / 10

Breakfast is served at the stone-veneered buffet restaurant, where guests can eat lunch, and/or dine. The selections at dinner change daily, with help-yourself-aperitifs at the entrance to match (our stay was on a Friday night, which coincided with an international theme and apple and peach liqueurs). Queues formed for novelty items such as potato nests.

Of the two different all-inclusive packages available, the standard supplies a range of local, national, and international drinks at the Delfín pool bar (10am-6pm) and a disco until midnight. The premium option extends to brands such as Piccolo Freixenet Carta Nevada cava. You have to pay extra for the cakes, cocktails, and coffees at the Taste lobby bar.

Value for money

One-bedroom suites from €61/£47 a night per couple for a half-board stay in low season (€82/£63 for all-inclusive); rising to €141/£108 a night per couple for half-board in high (€162/£124 for all-inclusive).

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