August Weather Averages for Playa Taurito, Canary Islands

Gran Canaria in August

Things To Do / October 12, 2016

August is the hottest, busiest month on Gran Canaria and it’s almost always rainless. This makes it the ideal place to get some heat – though it will be busy – and the sea temperatures are ideal for watersports.

Average minimum: 21.6 °C Average maximum: 27.6 °C


By August, Gran Canaria sees an average daily maximum temperature of 27.6 °C, which is not on the same scale as many Mediterranean resorts but it feels much more balmy thanks to the breeze and low humidity. On the coast, a cooling breeze keeps the hottest days in check and the sea is now at the perfect temperature for swimming. At night, the temperature slips to the low 20s.


With an average monthly rainfall of 0mm in August, Gran Canaria lives up to its reputation for being dry and warm. The weather and climate are very stable at this time of year and the prevailing wind direction means the wetter Atlantic weather stays far out to sea and away from this island.

Sunshine hours

The days are beginning to shorten in August, but an average daily sunshine figure of nine hours is still plenty for you to sit out and soak up the sun.