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Things To Do / June 2, 2016

Well, what can i say, i thought my relationship with m child was already bad, but these last few episodes have made me realise that it is beyond repair at the moment. When your child tells you that they have destroyed/cancelled your visa debit card with the ridiculas excuse “it was not safe lying around at their house” then something has turned realy bad. I keep asking myself what i have done to deserve all this animosity, and even thou i know i have not been the perfect parent (but honestly, who is) i find no reason what so ever which warrents this sort of behaviour. Therefore i come to the conclusion that it is not me or my “wrongdoings” that are under attack, but maybe he himself is unhappy in how his life is running and needs to vent his anger where he thinks it causes the least damage.

Unfortunatly, cutting your parent out of your life is maybe causing him very few sleepless nights or thoughts, but the hurt and upset that he is not seeing is very much real. Lashing out at people who are not nearby may be a way for him to manage, but just remember this, one day this person will no longer be around and where will you turn to then, who will you blame for the failings of your life? your children??? your wife? or will you maybe for once self reflect and see that all that is right and wrong in your life is of your own doing.

When your children grow up, have children of their own, they sometimes come to you and pour out their heart which is waht parents are there for. You try to help by listening and trying to advise them. Sometimes you even remind them how they were when they were young and the experience you made with them, to express that you know exactly what they are going through. Sometimes (in most cases) it can be helpful, but in a very small percent of cases this can misunderstood and the child feels attacked. Well, this is the case of my child. Even thou i have tried over and over again to explain that it is not an attack, i have been blocked and all my efforts are in vain. It is sad to see that your child is so eaten up with frustration and anger that it can no longer see clearly.

Maybe one day the mind will open and recognition will come. I hope it is soon.

As mothersday has arrived and once again i am ignored, i have been forced to look at the relationship with my child.

My 60th birthday came and went, was forgotten and i was sent a message the day after, christmas i was only messaged because i made the first move (again), New Year there was deathly silence, and so far on mothersday again nothing.