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Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Restaurant Reviews

Puerto Rico / May 4, 2017

Whether you are a fussy eater or a cookie monster, Puerto Rico has a selection of restaurants so large that you will have problems to choose where to eat during your holiday.

Where to eat?
The main places where you will find restaurants are in the larger shopping centres (The Shopping Center and The Europa Center).

In the shopping center in Puerto Rico you will find all kinds of restaurants with varieties of cusine from all over the world. Chinese, Indian, Mexican, buffet type food, fast food restaurants as Subway and Macdonalds are just some examples. Two of the best restaurants here in the shopping center are Balcon Canario Restaurant, which serves traditional Canarian food everyday and San Miguel Restaurant which is probably one of the most popular restaurants in Puerto Rico.

Restaurants in the Europa Center
There may be a smaller choice in the Europa Center, but there are many recommended restaurants, including a Chinese buffet for around 6€.

Indian Food
Portonovo Apartments by the harbour area in Puerto Rico is home of one of the best Indian Restaurants on the island – Taj Palace Puerto Rico.

Amadores Beach Restaurants
The Amadores Beach Club is a great option for something different in an ambient setting or if you feel like Italian food, Ciao-Ciao Restaurant is set right on the beach, bring the camera as the sunset from your chair will be out of this world.

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Restaurants
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We asked in our Puerto Rico Fan Page to people who have stayed in Puerto Rico and we asked for restaurants recommendations these are the results.

The best reviewed restaurant is San Miguel Restaurant in the Shopping Center, followed by Las Vegas Restaurant, Miami Restaurant and Balcon Canario all of them in the Shopping Center Puerto Rico.

Another restaurants were Sabidans, Bubbles and Picasso restaurant.

Here is the results of the poll:

  • San Miguel Restaurant
  • Las Vegas Restaurants
  • Miami Restaurant
  • Sabidans
  • Harrys Take away in Puerto Rico Shopping Center
  • Bubbles
  • Picasso Restaurant
  • Minanas Restaurant in Castillo del Sol Apartaments in Puerto Rico
  • La Taverna restaurant
  • El Brasero in the Europa Center
  • Cocos Bar in Shopping Center Puerto Rico
  • The Royal Oak
  • Chinese Wok (all you can eat buffet) Shopping Center
  • El Churrasco restaurant Puerto Rico Shopping Center
  • Red Rose by Puerto Rico Harbour
  • Squires Restaurant Puerto Rico Shopping Center
  • Planet
  • Toro Negro
  • Oscar Restaurant by Puerto Rico Beach
  • El Toro Negro
  • The Big Horn
  • Cascada
  • Portofino
  • Rio Piedras Apartments Restaurant
  • La Taverna del Angel
  • El Gaitero in shopping center Las Olas
  • Pinnochio Italian Restaurant in the shopping center puerto rico
  • Henrys Restaurant
  • Murphys Kitchen
  • El Molino restaurant
  • Happy Valley indian cuisine
  • El Pescador II
  • Barbacoa Europa Shopping Center
  • Bistro Salsa in Amadores Beach
  • Mamma Pino
  • El Ciervo Restaurant
  • Caballito del Mar by Puerto Rico Beach